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Saturday, November 20, 2004
A proud moment for the android community

The hardest part of Bush Victory '04 was seeing Rice get the nod for secretary of state. That's when losing comes home to you, when the i's get dotted and the t's get crossed and you see the consequences of defeat.

Rice has been discredited over and again. I won't rehash her claim not to have known about the tubes debate, or her stated belief that nothing needs to be done as long as no one is telling her to do it (the 9-11 defense). Or the probing intellect she revealed when she said we had killed 75% of al Qaeda's leadership and was then asked what number of people that came to. (She didn't know). All right, that is some rehashing. The point is she has been caught insulting the intelligence of the informed and she displays tunnel vision so extreme it amounts to a mental handicap. The tunnel has the diameter of a straw, and Rice (to switch metaphors) might as well be a robot programmed to play Bach and shuffle important looking papers.

And now she gets to be secretary of state because power says so and power says she's all right. It's no surprise, just a shock.
Feeling delicate

After the shock of Nov. 2, I am finally sitting up and eating thin soup. But the recovery road is long. So far my strength is equal only to collecting a few bizarre sentences from the opinion press. What could the context have been? I don't know, because actually Alicublog found these and I just read the excerpts. Anyway, here's two:

I have never, ever, not once in my life, thought of superheroes as

"It was thrilling to be in an audience that would applaud when Ed Meese was
on the screen," said Douglas Urbanski, a prominent producer and talent

Hardly enough to keep the mind alive.

Monday, November 08, 2004
Red state voices, via Falluja

"We will see in the end who will win - those who worship God or those who deride him," Abu Muhammad said.

Thursday, November 04, 2004
Scratch that

In June, I wrote to this effect: that if George Bush does get back into office by making Kerry damaged goods, the voters will take out an insurance policy by electing more Democratic senators and congressmen to bottle him up.

Well, no.

That's what hurts the most. Back then I wrote that, even if Bush won, his position would be seriously weaker than before Iraq fell apart, the 16 words blew up, the Plame scandal started, etc. This position of mine makes a lot of sense. Bush screwed up in many desperate ways, with the results coming into full or partial view during his reelection year. The law of political gravity dictates that he must crash, or at least thud, against the ground. But that law isn't working anymore.

Bush has got a crowd that will stick with him thru anything, and when they vote they add up to 51%. These people are impervious to events, so what good can arguments do against them?
Everything the others don't get

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